Sweet Backyard Bunnies

Quality Rex and American Polish


Hillbreeze's Duke (Thanks Wendy Culler)


Legs: 1


Somethin' Jumpin' Lanclot


Hilt's Spartan (2011 Best Opp Show @ Youth Rex Nationals/Grand Champion 2011 4H/2011 BOB ARBA Youth National Convention)

Castor (Thanks Debbie Hilts)

Great fur and body

Registration # T669K

GC# G2118

Legs: 11

We lost our wonderful Spartan April 23, 2013


2013 Youth Standings Top 20

#7 Average

#9 Quality

#9 Black

#4 Broken

#8 Caster


Zacchaeus' first year!


2012 Youth Standings #4

Quality # 3

Blue #3

Broken #2

Castor #1


2011 Youth Standings #4

 Average #4

 Quality #5

Black #5

Blue #1

Broken #8

Castor #1

Opal #6


Back from Rex Nationals 2011 

Brook placed Best Opp. in Show with Hilt's Spartan our Castor Buck!!!

BOV for Hilt's Spartan,Creager's Scarlet, BC's Buca

BOSV for Slovak's Backup


2010 Youth Standing #4

Black #4

Blue #3

Broken #5

Castor #4

Chocolate #2

Otter #5

Quality #3

Average #6

ARBA 2011 National Convention


2011 BOB Youth Rex At ARBA Convention

Hilt's Spartan Shines again!!



Welcome to our site

Our rabbitry small only 20 holes , but we are growing by leaps and bounds all the time. We have very good quality Rex available just drop us a line if you have questions and; Thanks for taking the time to check us out.


We started with New Zealand and Californian breeds (these are much larger breeds then the Rex) for our sons 4H project, and have decided to switch our rabbits over to the Rex breed.


We started the Spring of 2009 with 1 Black standard doe (Lace) and 1 Broken standard buck (Sonic), the 3rd addition was another Black standard buck (Blaze).

Now we have ventured into other color varieties of the Rex like you will see.

In 2011 we added American Tans to our rabbitry. 2 blacks Michaela's Reba and Michael's Ruffles both bought at the ARBA Convention in Indy.